The Crochet Me Member Patterns of 2013: Part I

We have said goodbye to 2013 and hello to the New Year. I am so excited to begin 2014. It is so full of goals, dreams, possibilities, and new crochet patterns. Crocheted accessories, sweaters, Tunisian crochet designs, and innovative patterns and silhouettes, the prospects at the beginning of the year are so thrilling. Of course, there are still plenty of patterns from 2013 that I want to finish in 2014. Looking back over the crochet patterns of 2013, I am especially impressed with the patterns posted to Crochet Me by all of our brilliant members.

I’ve pulled together some favorites of yours and mine, along with a few of the other noteworthy free patterned posted to Crochet Me by you, its amazing members. There were many more than I have here, so be sure to browse the Free Member Patterns yourself.

Which crochet hat, scarf, sweater, or motif pattern do you most want to crochet in 2014?

Best wishes,

The first pattern of 2013: Blooming Rose The last pattern of 2013: Striped Slouchy Beanie Most popular pattern of 2013: Newsboy Slouch Amigurumi Little Karla Girl
Irish Inspired Beret & Beanie Hat Tam Oh Boy Oh Boy Owl Hat Whale Crochet Applique Crochet Flower Lattice Shawl
Mary’s Newsboy Daisy Applique Sweetest Baby Blanket Winky Wink the Owl
Big Rib Scarf Key Chain Flip-Flop Baby Pom Pom Hat Red Heart Spring Blossom Cloche


EDITOR’S NOTE: Part 2 of this article is featured in the Winter 2013 issue of Love of Crochet.

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