The Crochet Afghan Love of My Life

“If you love it so much, why don’t you just marry it!” How many of you heard those words when you were a kid? I remember the humorous taunt being applied to everything from ice cream to books. I may not have appreciated the sentiment at the time, but as Valentine’s Day approaches, I wouldn’t mind applying the statement of crochet afghans.


African Flower Afghan, Cold Weather Crochet

Think about it, crocheted afghans would make the perfect husband, boyfriend, fiancée, etc. How you ask? Here are the reasons I came up with.

1. Cuddle and Warm Those Toes

A crochet afghan will never complain about cold toes or fingers. Wrap yourself up in its cozy warmth and cuddle up on the couch or your favorite chair. Your crochet afghan won’t complain if your toes are ice cubes or if you want to crochet while you cuddle.

2. Watch What You Want


Damask Afghan, Unexpected Afghans

Is there a big sports game on tonight, but you’d rather watch your favorite television show? Your crochet afghan won’t argue with you over who has control of the remote. He won’t even complain if you channel surf during the commercials or decide in the middle of a show that you really would rather watch something else.

3. Those Looks!


Damask Afghan, Unexpected Afghans

Let’s face it, crochet afghans are ridiculously good looking. Forget tall, dark, and handsome with a six-pack, I want to curl up with soft, warm, and crocheted. Whether it’s arranged over the back of my couch or draped over me for a fabulous nap, I can’t get enough of admiring my crochet afghans.This Valentine’s Day, celebrate with the one you love, the crochet afghan you love, that is.

Download or order your copy of Unexpected Afghans or download or order Cold Weather Crochet and curl up with chocolate, your favorite movie, and your crochet hook.

Best wishes,

P.S. Share in the comments your reasons why an afghan would make the perfect husband this Valentine’s Day.

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