The Colorwork Crochet Hat I Couldn't Resist

I should be working on holiday gifts, but the perfect pattern can so easily distract me. Oh well, maybe I can turn this Bear Lake Hat by Victoria Hewerdine Thornton into a present. I'm sure many of my friends and family would love this gorgeous design.

Bear Lake Hat  

While hats are easily one of my favorite accessories, what drew me to this particular pattern was the ingenious colorwork. There are so many color possibilities for this Fair Isle-inspired crochet hat. I turned to the trips I picked up from Kathy Merrick's book Crochet in Color. I was looking for something in blues and neutrals. Using Kathy's tricks for choosing the best color combinations for you, I picked my favorite four colors.

Before you begin your own hat, here are four of my favorite colorwork tips:

Joining a New Yarn

Step 1: With the working yarn, make the next stitch until only one step remains to complete it (e.g., for double crochet: yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and pull up a loop, yarn over and draw through two loops on hook; for single crochet: insert hook in next stitch and pull up a loop).

Step 2: Drop the working yarn, yarn over with the new yarn and draw through the loops on your hook to complete the stitch (see Figure 1).

Step 3: Continue with the yarn (see Figure 2).

Repeat Steps 1-3 as needed to change colors or even to join a new yarn when you reach the end of a skein.

Using this easy method of changing colors will ensure crisp colorwork and make the colorwork techniques used in the Bear Lake Hat more enjoyable.


1. When crocheting colorwork or stripes, don't cut the working yarn when changing to an alternate color. Simply carry the working yarn vertically until you change colors again. This works best when the yarn is only carried a few rows.

My color choices  

If you do need to fasten off the working yarn, make sure you leave a long tail that can be easily woven in during finishing. This also applies to the beginning of a new yarn being joined.

To keep the stitches where the new yarn was joined occurred tight, I like to tie the beginning and ending tails together in a bow. This not only keeps the stitches tight but also keeps the tails out of your way.


Download or order some of our favorite crochet hat and colorwork patterns, video workshops, and books and create colorful crochet accessory to coordinate with your wardrobe or as custom gifts.

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P.S. What is your favorite crochet colorwork tip?


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