The book! The book!

Our book is out! Cecily and I worked our butts off for nearly a year, and now the book is out. And our fabulous friends at Wiley are offering a 15% discount if you order directly from them (the discount will be applied automatically upon checkout. If you don't see the discount being applied, enter code aff15 in the Promotion Code field and click the Apply Discount button). Wheee!

The only thing is, I haven't seen it yet. My advance copies are MIA, probably stuck at the border. Cecily got hers last week. My mom phoned me yesterday from New York to say she got the copy she ordered from Powell's. Dude. Ok. That's it for my whining. If Mr. DHL doesn't deliver today I'm going to drive to Washington State to buy a copy. I'm impatient, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

I hope you love the book!

**Updated** I got my books! So now instead of driving to Bellingham, we're going out to celebrate. Rock on!

Me and My Book!

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