The blog is BACK

It took longer than I'd thought (what doesn't, these days?), but the blog is back! And if we figure it correctly, you shouldn't have to update your RSS feed. (Please let me know if your RSS reader isn't recognizing this feed.) I've had to enable a new spam filter, so please be patient if you encounter any glitches, and please let me know if you do.

I'm in sunny San Diego for the TNNA trade show, and you may not hear much from me till early next week.

I'll leave you with this image. When my plane arrived this morning (*cough* an hour late), I dragged my groggy self into my rental Kia and went straight to a Borders to see our book (4 of them!) on a shelf for the first time. It was very, very cool.

My book, in a store.

But wait! There's one more thing. A thing I mentioned in the last email newsletter, but should have mentioned here as well. Interweave Knits has teamed up with TNNA and Einstein Bagels to collect red scarves to send to foster kids in college. It's a pretty great project, which Amy of Knitty has summed up much better than my overtired fingers can now. Read it fast! The deadline is fast approaching. I started my scarf on the plane:

Red scarf, on a plane

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