Terrific Tuesdays: Nirvana Crochet Hooks

Nirvana Crochet hooksTuesdays are Terrific!   Every Tuesday in November, I will blog about a new Terrific Tuesday prize.  You will have 2 days to enter (Tuesday and Wednesday), and one winner will be randomly selected on Thursday.

This week we are looking at the crochet hook. Whichever way you choose to hold your crochet hook (and there is no right or wrong way), the weight and feel of a crochet hook in your hand is very important. You want a crochet hook that is comfortable in your hand and makes crocheting stitches easy for you.

Nirvana Needle ArtsIn this Terrific Tuesdays giveaway, we have Nirvana crochet hooks. These crochet hooks are lusciously smooth and highly polished with an exquisite glass-like appearance. This giveaway includes Nirvana Needle Arts finely crafted 6″ bone crochet hooks in sizes F (3.75mm); G (4mm); G (4.5mm), H (5mm), I (5.5mm), and J (6mm). Also included is a Nirvana Needle Arts 7″ Needle and Hook Case.

Enter to win a set of Nirvana Needle Arts bone crochet hooks.  You can enter through Wednesday November 16th.

Best wishes,