Terrific Tuesday: Red Heart Yarn Giveaway

Tuesdays are Terrific! Every Tuesday in November, I will blog about a new Terrific Tuesday prize.  You will have 2 days to enter (Tuesday and Wednesday), and one winner will be randomly selected on Thursday.

Red Heart Yarn GiveawaySo let’s kick off our first Terrific Tuesday! Who would like some more yarn? I can just image that all of you just raised your hands or at least yelled an internal “Me!” We all have a love of skeins, balls, and cakes, whether they are silk, cotton, or a gorgeous acrylic.

And while we may have a favorite ply, weight, or color, it’s fun to experiment. Red Heart has a wonderful range of yarns from bulky to textured to tweed to variegated. Well we want to help you explore that variety.

Red Heart has put together a collection of some of their most inspiring yarns. You will find:

1. 1 ball of Red Heart Gleam
2. 1 ball of Red Heart Irresistible
3. 1 ball of Red Heart Unforgettable Waves
4. 1 ball of Red Heart Sweet
5. 1 ball of Red Heart Fashion Soft
6. 1 ball of Red Heart Strata
7. 1 ball of Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle
8. 1 ball of Red Heart Chunky Soft

That’s $50 worth of yarn. Imagine the quick gifts and accessories you could create with them.

Enter to Win a $50 Prize Package of Red Heart’s Newest Yarns in the Collection! You are sure to find them Irresistible.

Best wishes,


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