Tell Us What You’re Rushing to Craft: Open Thread

Kids, I don't know if you've noticed, but it's winter.

Even though Hanukkah's come and gone, my family exchanges gifts when everyone's home during the week between Christmas and New Year's. Which means my plan for the weekend is to layer myself up in warm, comfortable clothing, set Netflix to play non-stop, and craft my hands off.

I'm still working on my lace shawl, and I started knitting a scarf for a friend (he may not get the scarf till long after the holidays, though), and I have it in my head to sew a bunch of small gifts for, well, for pretty much everyone. And I've been feverishly crocheting pet blankets to donate (more on those next month, hint hint), and I have it in my head to sew some too. We'll see if Netflix can keep up.

You'll be keeping me company, crafting your own hands off too, right? So share with me in the comments what you're making in this short stretch while the gift-giving clock ticks down. We'll all feel better knowing we're in good company, right?

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