Free Guide to Must-Know, Crochet Stitches

Learn everything you need to know about crochet stitches in this FREE guide including crochet stitches abbreviations and more.Are you learning how to crochet or looking for a few tips on crochet stitches? Let’s start with the basics. Every crochet project is built from a series of cleverly placed crochet stitches. And a solid understanding of the crochet basic stitches is essential for any crocheter.


Whether you are just learning or have been crocheting for years, a working knowledge of stitches is essential for success. Of the various techniques we can choose from, there are certain stitches are the most important to practice and perfect. That’s why our experts at Crochet Me put together this free guide, Techniques for Different Crochet Stitches: A Crochet Stitch Guide, to help all crocheters build a solid crochet foundation.

Learn how to start a pattern, including using a crochet chain and foundation stitches. Then we cover the five basic stitches, complete with helpful tips and images to help you follow along. Then you can try out your new skills on one of two beautiful and easy crochet stitch patterns. Whether you’re new to crocheting or you’re eager to build a more solid crochet skill set, you’ll discover pages and pages of useful advice in this free collection. Download the entire free stitch guide today!

In this free eBook, you will find a crochet stitch guide for the basic stitches you will need to create beautiful works of crochet art.

A handy list of crochet stitches abbreviations will be invaluable as you learn to interpret the language of crochet. Keep this handy list close at hand.
Crochet stitches abbreviations for you to learn so as to interpret the language of crochet...all found in this FREE eBook.

There are several different crochet stitches available to start your crochet project. The most common method is the chain stitch. This easy crochet stitch is not only the base of many crochet projects but is also an essential stitch to know when creating lace fabrics and the simplest stitch in your repertoire.

The adjustable loop is a great option for projects such as hats where you do not want an opening on your first round of stitches. The ingenious adjustable loop is also known as the magic ring or magic loop.

For a foundation with elasticity, try the foundation single crochet or foundation double crochet. These easy crochet stitches allow you to work both the beginning chain and first row of single crochet or double crochet stitches at the same time. No more trying to work stitches into a beginning chain.

The slip stitch and single crochet are the shortest of the crochet stitches. These sturdy stitches are perfect for joining rounds and for working solid fabrics and colorwork techniques such as Bosnian crochet and tapestry crochet.

The half double crochet beautifully blends added height with a dense fabric. This easy stitch is a great introduction to the yarn over.

For a taller stitch, try the double crochet and treble crochet. These quick stitches are beloved for their economical use of yarn and their speed. Projects worked in these basic stitches boast incredible drape but do not provide as dense of coverage as their smaller cousins.

wool bamboo scarfThe Wool Bam Boo Scarf by Judith L. Swartz will build on the crochet stitches you have learned and introduce you to decreases. This beautiful crocheted scarf is worked in a soft wool and bamboo-blend yarn.

crochet cuffsUse the basic crochet stitches you just learned to whip up the Quick Cuffs by Toni Rexroat. The 100% wool yarn means these cuffs keep you warm on cold days, and the variegation allows them to be worn with multiple outfits.

As you combine and build on these basic crochet stitches, you will form a solid crochet foundation. So download your free copy of Techniques for Techniques for Different Crochet Stitches: A Crochet Stitch Guide today.



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