Team Spirit and Crochet Footballs

So I hear football season is here. Are you a football fan? Do you play with crochet footballs? Are you finding that your clothing and accessories are mysteriously beginning to reflect your team’s colors? I see a lot of blue and orange right about now, and I have a lot of friends who would be beyond thrilled with a gift in their team’s colors.

This striped crochet hat is perfect for your sport team's colors.

School Colors Hat by Brenda K.B. Anderson

All right, confession time. I enjoy watching football games in person, but I don’t really follow any specific team—the one exception being my local school’s sports teams. Nieces, nephews, friends, and community will do that to you.Now I find myself searching for crochet patterns that are perfect for displaying my pride. The great thing is that many patterns designed for two colors work great. I found some fantastic patterns that are just perfect, and from garments to beanies to socks, there is something there for everyone.

This silk crochet scarf is an elegant way to showcase your sport team's colors.

Pacific Waves Scarf by Charlotte Morris

Team inspired crochet hats are perfect. They make the perfect gifts for football fanatics and enthusiasts. They can be worn to team games, practices, out shopping, while shoveling the driveway, or any other time you just need to keep your head and ears warm.

This crochet scarf and hat are a great chance to show of the colors of your favorite sports team.

Galen’s Manly Scarf and Hat by Anne Lecrivain

One of my favorites is the School Colors Hat. This simple striped crochet hat is quick and simple. I love the wide ribbing and two-color pom pom. An ingenious column of chain-one stitches along the fold line keeps the folded ribbing brim in place, perfect for jumping, cheering, and urging your team to victory. And the best thing about this pattern is that it is sized for the whole family. Make one for everyone in the family!

This crochet footbal is so much fun to play with.But don’t worry if you have a really cute hairdo and don’t want to mess it up. A great crochet scarf is the perfect way to showcase your team pride. Something like the Galen’s Manly Scarf is great for both men and women with its bold stripes and textured stitch pattern.Or for something a little more elegant, try the Pacific Waves Scarf. Luxurious silk yarn creates beautiful drape and beads add sparkle. This scarf is perfect for warmer weather games too.

Show your own team pride with one of these fun handmade crochet patterns. And with your purchase of one of these patterns, you will also receive the adorable Football pattern for free.So hurry and get your team spirit pattern today and show off the colors of your favorite football team.

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