Teachable Moments: Open Thread

My cousin Lisa is in town for a couple of weeks, and the other night she asked me what the difference between knitting and crochet is. (She's a scarf knitter.) The ensuing discussion led to the pulling-out of books, my gentle nudging about how cool and simple granny squares are, and the inevitable crochet lesson over doughnut holes and cider.

Such fun! Lisa was a quick study, and her excitement as she figured out the structure of a granny square made me happy.

It had been a while since I'd taught someone how to crochet, and I thought I'd open up a thread here on the blog so we can chat about experiences we've had teaching people to crochet, and share any tips we've uncovered.

I'm already bookmarking this page in anticipation of the helpful, inspiring comments you're going to write. And if you have questions, ask 'em!

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