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Filet CrochetMy mother passed on to me the inability to sit still. Whether watching a movie, traveling, or visiting with friends, her hands were always busy spinning, knitting, or crocheting. And as soon as I was old enough, she attempted to pass her skills on to me. I was a decent but disinterested spinner, an abysmal knitter, but a voracious crocheter. My first crochet projects were simple picot edgings on receiving blankets, but I was soon craving more exciting projects. Before too long, I jumped into the challenging world of lace crochet. And, trust me,  my mom's support kept me from giving up and finding a less productive hobby like shopping. 

For Christmas one year, I decided to make my mother a filet crochet dresser scarf. This was my first attempt at filet crochet, but mom was right there with me throughout the entire project-offering encouragement even when she didn't know how to fix my mistakes. The dresser scarf wasn't finished by Christmas and instead became a Mother's Day gift. But despite the fact that the finished piece was inexplicably several inches too short, it still proudly rests on my parent's antique dresser. 

Now I, in turn, am passing my crochet knowledge on to others. It is amazing how many friends, family members, and coworkers have expressed a desire to learn to crochet and just need a willing teacher and a few fun and easy patterns to become passionate crocheters. I'm sure you have had a friend or two express a desire to learn the art of crochet as she (or he) admires your latest project. 

My advice: Start with easy and fun projects such as hats, scarves, or bags. Hip to Crochet or Getting Started Crochet, both by Judith L. Swartz, are both a great place to start. The stitch illustrations and explanations will help visualize the construction of the stitches and the quick, colorful projects walk the novice crocheter through the fundamentals without being boring.


  Easy Crochet Hat
    Summer Cloche, Hip to Crochet
Crocheted Market Bag


As my mother sat on the couch coaching me through the basic crochet stitches, I'm sure she never dreamed that I would one day turn that hobby into a full-time career. She shared her love of crafts simply because, in her mind, that's what mothers do. I silently thank her each time I pick up my hook. Give the gift of crochet to someone you love this year, and pick up a copy of Getting Started Crochet and Hip to Crochet.


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P.S. We would love to know who taught you to crochet. Or tell us about someone you have taught to crochet. Visit the blog at CrochetMe.com. 


Farmer's Market Bag, Getting Started Crochet



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