TBT: Crochet Resolutions Never Change

2017 is nigh, and as we approach the last weekend in this roller coaster ride of a year, we are considering our crafting goals. What better way to stay focused and happy than to pick up a project and take it to the finish line? Turns out our New Year’s goals are often the same year after year where yarn is concerned. Check out this post from the beginning of 2012 – a Throwback Thursday list of why you should keep on hookin’ on. Cheers to the New Year!

I crossed the finish line for this year’s handmade holidays, albeit huffing and puffing (I found myself packing my suitcase with as-yet damp shawls tucked between old pillowcases, and feverishly stitching the last rounds of a hat on the flight). Much as I lamented the endeavor, the feeling of giving each person something in which I stitched my thoughts and my love for them was unparalleled. And doing so made it all the more satisfying to then turn to my stash, and dive headlong into exploring stitching for stitching’s sake again. That being said, I leave you with a brief drill-down of my crochet New Year’s resolutions, and humbly invite you to join me on these adventures. I’d love to hear what you all have come up with to keep those hooks going all year long. Let’s make fill this new year with joyous crocheting.

knit and crochet toys1. Try something new.

New techniques, new fibers…anything outside your comfort zone. Never tried thread before? Pick up a ball and try your hand at a few simple motifs. When you’re finished, you’ll have a handful of coasters and a new skill under your belt. How about Tunisian? A six inch by six inch swatch can make a great potholder. How about exploring the possibilities of silk? Treat yourself to some luxury with a single skein and fall in love with a special scarf or shawl to give or to keep. Endeavor to challenge yourself with something you’ve never done. You can jump over to our technique videos and get some inspiration.

2. Design.

Have your ever changed the length or width of a pattern to better suit your tastes, or changed the neckline of a garment to a personal preference? Then you’re already a designer! Start with something small, like a hat or a special accessory. Maybe there’s a certain stitch pattern that inspires our creativity. Perhaps a new baby could use a cute amigurumi, or a friend needs a huggable blanket. Dare to design! Oh, did I mention we LOVE new designers? Review our submissions requirements, and share your creations with us.

3. Start and finish something BIG.Free Crochet Afghans and Blankets Patterns

Do you stick to one-skein projects or accessories? Try your hand at a garment. Start with something simple, with minimal shaping in a color or a fiber that really rocks your socks off. Make it special. How about an heirloom? To me, there is something so extraordinary about a project that may take a year or two to complete, but it lives with you and becomes a part of your identity. And when completed it can be cherished, and passed down. Try an afghan or a tablecloth; something that can be loved and enjoyed. How about downloading the Chain Reaction Afghan Project Crochet Along? This community afghan project features 20 afghan squares from a variety of well-known and up-and-coming designers.

What other daring chances have you decided to try your hands and hooks at this year? Let’s share and challenge ourselves together. And Happy New Year all. May you find your hooks constantly occupied, and may your yarn baskets runneth over.

Try Something New