Tapestry Crochet for Gorgeous Colorwork


My first adventure into crochet colorwork, outside of simple stripes, was tapestry crochet. Probably one of the easiest colorwork techniques, tapestry crochet is perfect for geometric designs that really stand out.

To create the gorgeous designs of tapestry crochet, you will carry your unused yarn across the top of the row, working over it with the color color you are currently using. When it is time to switch colors, you simply switch yarn, working in the second color and carrying the first color along the top of the row.

Here is a more information about tapestry crochet from Interweave Crochet Fall 2014.

Carrying Yarn in Tapestry Crochet

Some projects call for working with more than one color in a row, such as the Trail Ridge Tote (at right). To work these yarns in tapestry crochet, carry the unused yarn across the work.

  Align the second color (carried yarn) so that it is parallel with the row being worked.
  Insert hook under loops of working color and the carried yarn, then complete the stitch with the working color.
  After the stitch is completed, the carried yarn is held in place by the working yarn. Continue working in this way until the carried color is needed.
  From the front, the carried yarn cannot be seen.
  From the back, the carried yarn shows through just a bit.

This is just one of the techniques I have explored after reading about it in Interweave Crochet. Tunisian crochet, bullion stitches, crochet lace, colorwork, and more–you will find in-depth articles on crochet stitches and techniques. The stitches are combined to create innovative and cutting edge designs that cause me to wait with anticipation for each new issue.

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P.S.Visit the Crochet Me blog to learn more about tapestry crochet, including how to change colors or yarns in the middle of a row.

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