Taking a Little Crochet Ribbing

I am always looking for crochet stitches and techniques that lend a touch of elasticity to the finished crochet fabric. Fabric with stretch creates great shaping, especially around the waist, and is imperative for crochet patterns that require stretch to stay in place, like socks and hat bands.

The crochet ribbing makes this crochet sweater a beautiful design.

Lauren Sweater with single crochet ribbed collar.

Crochet ribbing is perfect for cuffs and waist bands on sweaters, sock cuffs, stocking caps and more. The new updated Crocheter’s Companion offers several options for creating crochet ribbing. Here are two of the most common.

Single Crochet Ribbing

When working vertically and sewn onto jackets and sweaters, single crochet ribbing makes wonderful bands for cuffs, necklines, and hemlines.

  • Working into the back loop only creates a ridge on the front side of the work.
  • Working into the front loop only creates a ridge on the back of the work.
How to Single Crochet Ribbing

Single Crochet Ribbing

Make a foundation chain the desired length.

Row 1: Work 1 sc in second ch from the hook and in each ch to end. Ch1. Turn (fig1).

Row 2: Work 1 sc in back loop of each st. Ch 1. Turn (fig 2).

Repeat row 2 for desired length.

Post Stitch Ribbing

Post Stitch crochet cardigan

Clarity Cardigan with post stitch ribbing waistband.

Also known as vertical ribbing, this is usually worked in the double crochet stitch around the posts of stitches in the row below.

For this sample, chain 16 for foundation chain.

Row 1: Work a dc in the fourth ch from hook and in each chain across. Ch 3. Turn.

How to Crochet Post Stitch Ribbing

Post Stitch Ribbing

Row 2: Sk first dc *work a FPdc around the post of the next dc (fig 1), work a BPdc (fig 2) around the post of the next dc. Repeat from *, ending with dc in turning ch. Ch 2. Turn.Repeat row 2 for desired length.– The Crocheter’s CompanionYou will also find step-by-step written instructions and illustrations for basic crochet stitches, embellishments, and advanced techniques like Tunisian crochet and broomstick stitches. Order your copy of the revised Crocheter’s Companion today!
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P.S. What do you use crochet ribbing for?

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