Take Back The Crochet

A couple months ago I had an opportunity to write an essay in a different tone than the playful one I usually use here. You can read it on the very last page of the fall 2006 issue of Interweave Crochet that has just come out. Here's an excerpt (from the original text; I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy yet, so I don't know if this part was edited):

Collectively, we crocheters are in the perfect position to throw off two centuries' worth of shackles, to wipe clean our sordid association with Victorian doll toilet paper cozies, to shake off petty prejudices. At the same time, we are positioned to embrace the history of our craft separately from societal judgments against it, to learn about its evolution, to understand our place and our role in it. We are set up to establish our craft as one of style, of innovation, of advanced technique. In short, it's time to take back the crochet

…Now all we must do is take advantage of these factors. Let us harness the momentum of the times to secure for crochet an equal standing among the fiber arts. Let us gently insist to yarn shop owners that we will buy more of their yarn simply for the pleasure of crocheting it. Let us create a well-written body of resources about the history, technique, and fashions of our craft.

We need not schedule a march or a demonstration; we need not prove our point to anyone but ourselves. But we must act now. We need experts to put their knowledge into writing (most tomes about the history and technique of crochet are out of print!). We need more artists to explore the medium and its potential for expression. We need women and men to use their hooks with pride, and to consider the beauty they have the potential to create. In so doing, we will take back the crochet. We will expand a legacy to hand down to future generations. We will experiment and create. We will fail and we will try again. And in the end, we will achieve an appreciation of our craft and of the freedom we all have to interpret it and create with it as we please, now and into the future.

Please consider this an open thread about the essay. I'd really like to know your thoughts on the issues I wrote about. And I'd especially like to hear about how you think the CrochetMe.com community, the greater online community, and the offline community, can contribute to taking back the crochet – both as individual crocheters and as a collective.

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