Sweetie Puffs Tiny Hearts


“e” Lee


A pocket full of little hearts made with no more than a yard of yarn can be all yours to have, hold, or give away as a reminder of all things good in life!

These Sweetie Puffs Tiny Hearts can be done in a single round or a larger, more defined version, 2 rounds.  You’ll absolutely enjoy working with this pattern because it is so addicting and quick.  Little ones will enjoy them, adults will cherish them and they are a fabulous addition to whatever celebration you have coming e.g. birthdays, Valentine’s Day, holidays, gifts, Christmas stocking stuffer, and anything simply brilliant.

Materials List



  • Two Rounder: F hook 3.75mm, H hook 5.0mm~J hook 6.0mm (doesn’t matter which larger hook you have)
  • Single Round: one H~J 5.00-6.00mm hook of choice
  • 1 yard of yarn (~0.9m)
  • Yarn needle


Finished Size

>TINY< fits in the palm (much smaller)


Not important


The Pattern

Follow the pattern at Sweetie Puffs Tiny Hearts & Sweetie Puffs Tiny Hearts DefinedTheCrochetLounge.

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