Sweetest Day and Crochet: 5 Make and Give Possibilities

Happy Sweetest Day! Celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of October, this little-known holiday gives celebrants another chance to show appreciation of their loved ones. According to calender-365.com, there are multiple theories about the origin of this holiday. The main theories speculate that it was created in Ohio in the 1920s to share candy and chocolate with the less-fortunate. Since then, the day has morphed into a time to share cards, flowers, and perhaps crocheted gifts with those you consider to be the “sweetest.”

We know that depending on where you live, Sweetest Day may be something completely new (it’s currently celebrated in only 13 states), but why not use another day to celebrate the ones you love? Here is a list of projects you can make for the sweetest people in your life.

1. Little Hearts Cowl

When this gift is unwrapped the recipient will see how much you care. The heart pattern and cozy yarn are sure to warm the heart of whoever wears it.

2. Monster Love Mobile

Cute monsters and hearts—what better way to show your little sweetie that you are crazy about them! Make the mobile to decorate your child’s room or make just a couple to decorate a bike or a backpack.

3. Heart Throw

The recipient of this blanket will sense your love every time it’s used. Made in Tunisian crochet, the Heart Throw feels like a 2-color, double-stranded hug.

4. Love is a Rose

Made with love knots and crocheted roses, this shawl is as lovely as whoever you choose to give it to. Make sure to choose your yarn with love as this shawl is sure to get a lot of use.

5. Violaceous Tote

This heart-embellished tote will broadcast your affection every time it’s carried. Sparkly yarn and center single crochet both add pizzazz to this lovely tote.

Are you one of the people who celebrate Sweetest Day? If so, do you have a favorite type of project to make? If this is your introduction to the holiday, will you make something to celebrate it? Let us know in the comments.

Happy stitching!

Celebrate Sweetest Day with Crochet!


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