For the first time since May, I am home for good. I'm not checking the calendar to see how many days I have to wait before doing laundry to optimize how many pairs of underwear I'll have clean the next time I leave town. It's getting dark early out here, and I'm enjoying just the thought of peaceful evenings crocheting with tea.

And I've been catching up on some web surfing.

Have you seen Vera's Horse Around Purse? She's working it in purple on purple, and she's going to toy with the pattern a little. I can't wait to see what she does!

Also, I stumbled upon a blog I'd never read before, where the author crocheted an adorable girl-sized ballet wrap sweater that was inspired by the Baby It's Cold Outside pattern from our February 2005 issue. Kinda makes you not want to follow a pattern, eh?

Such cool stuff to be found on the interweb!

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