Supersize Crochet: Begin With Home Decor

As the Bohemian style continues to hold broad appeal, it is seeing a life far beyond that crocheted dress your little sister wore to Coachella. Crocheted wall hangings, the ever-present afghan, crocheted baskets – these little touches make a house a home, while bringing back the thoughtful handmade lifestyle. With the release of Supersize Crochet by Sarah Shrimpton, the burgeoning crocheter inside of me is ready to emerge, and it is all about the home accessories.

“As a beginning crocheter you will want to master chain, slip stitch, single crochet, and double crochet,” says Sara Dudek, associate editor of Interweave Crochet. She also points out to me that all of these are considered “US terminology” for crochet. Supersize Crochet was authored for a UK audience, but offers a UK to US stitch translation. The publishers have made it easy for those of us Stateside to get started on one of these chunky, cuddly projects.

Keeping in mind Sara’s expert input on what might be a good learning experience for my first-timer hands, there are a few projects on top of my “to-try” list.

Mahoooosive Blanket

On page 20, you will find the blanket to beat all blankets. This thing has a finished size of 4 feet by 6 feet, and is 3 inches thick! Holy coziness! I could clearly envision it thrown onto the back of my sofa, lending texture and depth to my living space. And Shrimpton’s words on the simplicity of approach, “It’s a ridiculously easy pattern and you can make this blanket in a day,” really lit a fire in me. I need to buy the giant hook and massive yarn and get on this project, so that I can then get under it.

Supersize Crochet

Chunky Seat Pad

My go-to crochet guru Sara pointed out that this project provides a great chance to practice slip stitch (and that term is used in both US and UK – so yay!). Apparently slip stitch is important if you are joining rounds, which happens often in crochet. If I make this, I may actually learn a skill that I can apply to other projects down the road. I like that.

I also like this super lofty seat cushion! Worked in a bright hue with the recommended chunky yarn, it will add just the right pop of color to any space that might need it.  Not only that, but your comfortable caboose will be the envy of everyone in the room.

Supersize Crochet

Contemporary Wall Hanging

I am pretty sure this is going to be where I start. While the Mahoooosive Blanket and the Chunky Seat pad are both functional and lovely, this wall hanging plays to my sense of vanity. Crochet my very first project and then feature it on my own wall so everyone can see it? Yes, please.

The extra bonus here lies within the fact that a finished object can truly take the form of art. I find the texture with these chunky projects so pleasing to the eye – it is no surprise that author Sarah Shrimpton describes this project as having a “feel-good hygge vibe.”

Supersize Crochet

You may not be a beginner like me, but I guarantee you will find a project within the pages of Supersize Crochet that will make you want to hook on. Sarah Shrimpton does not limit her designer eye to home accessories. There are slippers, a shrug, a cowl – and even a necklace.

I really enjoyed her page of tips, offering more in-depth details on holding your hook, feeding the massive yarn, and how to weave in the ends of the yarn. And I know Supersize Crochet will take my beginner skills to the next level. The Slouchy Beanie may end up being my first crocheted hat – and I will be able to tackle it with confidence after I nail the all-important slip stitch!

This blog is one of the last in a series of blogs covering Supersize Crochet. Dig deeper into the pages by taking a look at what true crochet pros have to say about these great, on-trend projects. Which of them would get your hook moving? Order up your own copy of Supersize Crochet and start making plans – and remember – have fun!

—Jenn Rein
Web Producer, Interweave

Supersize Crochet for the Win!


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