Super Bowl Crocheting

 I am counting the days until this weekend. This weekend is practically a national holiday-Super Bowl Sunday. For weeks we have all been inundated with advertisements for party platters and football inspired memorabilia. I will confess, however, that in my entire life I have watched only one Super Bowl game, and I don't even remember who was playing. In fact, I have just enough football knowledge to realize that something wasn't quite right when the radio announcer claimed last week that the Pittsburgh Steelers had just beaten the Chicago Cubs—though that game I would have watched.

So why am I so excited? Well, this weekend I am going to have my own Crochet Bowl, complete with fiber friendly party platters that won't make a mess of my crochet project and friends who are as passionate about crochet as most men are about football.

Big Bow Cardigan    Northern Dreams Pullover

And playing head to head will be Julia Vaconsin's Big Bow cardigan and Northern Dreams Pullover. I've made one Big Bow cardigan but want a second and the Northern Dreams Pullover has been in my queue for a couple of years. Now they are both included in the new Designer Profile eBook, with 6 Crochet Patterns by Julia Vaconsin. The Big Bow Cardigan is worked in simple back loop only single crochet from sleeve tip to sleeve tip, but commands attention with its striking bow, which can also be styled more like a scarf. The Northern Dreams pullover also relies on a simple back loop only single crochet, but adds a touch of elegance with it's colorwork yoke. These two sweaters are pretty evenly matched. Which design are you cheering for?

Unlike my Super Bowl fanatical friends, I'll win no matter which sweater is victorious. I think I may have to make my Crochet Bowl an annual event.

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