Ruth del Valle


I wish I could go to the northern hemisphere!, Hate winter time, cold and dark, we do not have snow, but days are almost always clouded, and rainy. I began to work with nice summer colors, and I thought I could crochet a sun…..

Materials List

Crochet: N° 00 steel hook, or E (3,5 mm) hook

Scrap thread (cotton) white, yellow and orange

Finished Size

8″ (20 cm) diameter


Gauge not important, just use always the same hook size.

Mine was 3 rows 1″ (2.5 cm), 5 sc 1″ (2.5 cm)


For a dishcloth use 1 strand worsted cotton, do not block. (that was mine)

For a pot holder , you can use 2 strands together for a thighter stitches, do starch ( I use 1 part water, 2 parts sugar, heat until the sugar is dissolved, no more, or it will turn brown!), and block it. Believe me, it will be very stiff.

The Pattern

Row 1: with white Ch 3 join
Row 2 ; 5 sc in ring
Row 3: ch1 sc in same ch1, 2 sc in the next 4 sc ( 10 sc)
Row 4: ch1 sc in same ch1, 2 sc in the next 9 sc (20 sc)
Row 5: With yellow, ch 10 and join to ring with sl st
Row 6 : work 8 sc, 2 sc in the last 2 ch ( 12 sc) turn ch 1 to turn
Row 7 : work 2 sc in the first 4 sc BLO from now on, , work 4 in the next sc, work 3 sc in the next sc, work 5 sc in the next 5 sc do not join to ring
Row 8: join orange to last yellow sc, repeat row 6 and row 7, work sl st in the next white sc to join.
Row 9: join yellow to last orange sc, work 8 sc, 2 sc in the last 2 sc ch 1, turn
Row 10: work 2 sc in the first sc, work 4 sc, next st work 3 sc, work 5 sc and join to white with sl st.

Repeat row 5-10 until all the white sc are worked.

Block, and weave in ends


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