Summer yarn haiku

I miss you all when I'm sitting here working away, without time to talk to you. So I've decided that rather than starting up a conversation every week, I'll aim to have a little chat every day or two. I'll just let you know what I'm working on, crochet-wise, and you can let me know what you're working on. Sound good?

Here's a start, with a lovely skein of yarn.

Fresh from Canada, Sangria Sea Silk suns itself in the garden. Before long, it will become a garment perfect for Carolina evenings—light, airy, a mood-transforming work of wonder.
Don't you love this moment? When you have fresh yarn ready to be looped into the garment of your dreams? The anticipation is delicious. The yarn, smelling faintly of the ocean with its 30% seacell, needed a bit of an airing. Once it saw its color cousins, the daylilies, it posed and preened, begging to have its picture taken. So here it is, with its 70% silk glinting in the sun. (The PR for the yarn says that “the seaweed and its trace elements of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E are naturally released onto the skin of the wearer.”)

The yarn inspired some summer haiku:

Sea Silk so sublime

Poised for loops, lacy motifs

summer shrug divine

Have some fiber or a project that inspires you to poetry? Do share.


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