Summer Spice Scarf

In the past, summertime would signal the slowing of my crocheting.  I certainly didn't want to sit around in the sweltering heat with an afghan or worsted weight sweater draped across my lap!  When the snow and chilly temperatures went away, so did my hook and crafting projects.  Since then I have learned that crochet is absolutely a year-round activity, it just requires a bit of planning.

Lacey patterns with light weight yarns are perfect projects for any warm day!  The Alpine Frost Scarf from Interweave Crochet Winter 2008 is exactly what I had been searching for: a relatively easy, lightweight, one skein accessory. 

Alpine Frost Scarf, Interweave Crochet Winter 2008

This pattern is an ideal go-to travel companion!  Over the course of a few weeks the scarf tagged along with me to the park,  the mountains, the car, the notary, lunch with friends, and we also spent a significant amount of time just relaxing on the porch enjoying the summer evenings.  With a repeated row that is easily memorized, a little project bag holding my yarn and hook was the only thing needed on my way out the door.

Close up of the pattern

Personally, I enjoy planning ahead and decided to crochet the scarf in very autumnal colors.  When that first chilly fall day comes along, I will have this accessory ready to go!  The colors remind me of spices, pumpkins, and falling leaves. Is it too early to start daydreaming about pumpkin spice lattes and sweet potato pie?!

After playing around with the styling a bit, you can see that simply changing how you wear the scarf makes a big difference in the overall look:


Another thing I love about this pattern, and another reason why I see several more of these in my future, is that it can really adapt to each season by only a change in the color.  The frosty white used in the magazine is perfect for winter, while a light lilac purple would look right at home for the spring.

What sorts of things do you like to crochet during the lazy days of summer?  Do you prefer to work ahead for upcoming seasons?

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