Summer in Vancouver

Summer gets crazy chez Crochet me. This is a factor of two things. First, Vancouver is a wickedly fantastic place to visit, and loved ones tend to come through town in the sunnier months. Related to this – we'll call it factor 1.1 – it can be very difficult to pass up participating in the varied events around town, even if an event is just a gorgeous day. Second, I have managed, for the second year running, to pile on deadlines for myself through early September. Since it's important to me to play at least as hard as I work, I do occasionally manage to run myself ragged. But I wouldn't change it.

Crocheting at the Folk Fest

This photo might contain the last bit of for-fun crocheting I'll do all summer, on account of the huge amount of designing, writing, editing, and planning I have to do in the next six weeks. I still haven't finished my Shrug Off Winter, but hope to have it done in time for winter to come back around. I took it with me to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival last weekend, where, in addition to working approximately four stitches, I fell in love with Dan Bern, got only a tiny bit of sun burn, ate delicious picnic food, and spent a gorgeous day in the most fabulous company.

Oh, yes. I love this city.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2006

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