Summer Goals: Crochet Edition

Whatever happened to making summer goals? No, I don’t just mean tagging #summergoals to an Instagram picture of you drinking on yet another brewery patio (#guiltyofthat). As kids, we’d write out a list of our must-dos before going back to school to make it the best summer ever. Eat popsicles every day, climb 100 trees, never wear shoes . . . you remember, right? Even though our days of popsicle-fueled, shoeless tree-climbing summer bliss have disappeared, our ability to make lists of summer goals has most definitely not.

In an effort to capture some of those youthful summer feelings again, I’m making my own list of summer goals. And what better place to start my list than with crochet! Here are some of my summer 2018 crochet goals; I hope they inspire you to start your own summer goals list!

reach summer goals with calming crochet

Make more “me time.”

It’s easy to make plan after plan during the summer, which makes it even easier to neglect spending time on yourself. That is why dedicated time to be alone with my crochet is definitely making my summer goals list. I’ll spend these introspective hours crocheting meditative patterns like those from Crochet to Calm or Modern Crochet Mandalas. I’ll have some much-needed me time, and as an added bonus, I’ll be crocheting cute things for myself at the same time!

Decorate my home with crochet.

I’m always so envious of those who’ve adorned their homes with their craft¬, like Interweave Crochet Editor Sara Dudek, who has made herself a crochet wonderland! That’s why crocheting something for my house is for sure on my summer goals list. Quick Crochet for the Home is filled with cute and easy crochet patterns for every room. I’m especially excited to start the Breakfast in Bed and Bold Diagonal pillows: my plain couch needs some serious TLC.

Make my first crochet garment.

This has been a big to-do for me for a while now, so why not make it one of my summer goals? If you’re looking to take the plunge into crocheting garments, check out Continuous Crochet from Kristin Omdahl. This book is filled with fun summery patterns that require little to no finishing, making them the perfect place to start for novice garment makers like myself.

Make something for someone special.

Summer is full of birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries galore! Instead of buying yet another gift from the store, one of my summer goals is to crochet gifts instead. I’ll save plenty of time from the start by reaching for a versatile pattern collection like Classic Crochet Shawls or Crochet So Lovely. With these books, there’s no need to go searching around for the right thing to make—I know I’ve got an arsenal of gift-worthy crochet patterns right at my fingertips!

So take a page from your younger self: make the most of your summer and start drafting your own list of summer goals today!

Happy summer!

Start making your summer crochet goals a reality with these wonderful resources!


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