Summer Crochet Bags: Tassels and Fringe

Do you have any fun trips planned this summer? Perhaps a vacation to the beach or a trip overseas. Maybe just a weekend away with friends or a summer festival in a nearby town. Wherever you’re planning on going, you need to make sure you have the right crochet bag!

Crochet bags range in size from small clutches to huge designs that will fit your latest crochet project, book, and a beach towel. Crochet bags are also a great way to show off stitch patterns, colorwork, and accessorizing details like embroidery and tassels. Interweave Crochet Summer 2019 has three amazing crochet bags to choose from–or skip the choice and make all three.

But first, let’s talk about tassels and fringe! The Magnolia Purse and the Summer Peach Purse both use different types tassel and fringe accessorizing to add a bit of fun and movement.

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The Magnolia Purse includes fun fringe created by joining strands of yarn to the bottom with the Lark’s Head knot.

The Magnolia Purse is the perfect market bag and has plenty of room for a weekend festival or an afternoon of shopping with friends or family. Consisting of two floral-themed mandalas that are worked from the center out, the Magnolia Purse takes eye-catching a step further with fringe knotted into an easy diamond pattern. Long strands of your yarn are joined to the bottom of purse using a lark’s head knot (also sometimes called a cow hitch). Make your strands longer or shorter to modify the fringe. The diamond pattern is created simply by using an overhand knot to join half of each adjoining collection of strands. Continue joining them in overhand knots to create the diamond pattern. The pattern uses three rows of knots, but you can decide how many you want. I can’t wait to look up when my next community farmer’s market is.

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Crochet tassels are easy to make and the perfect accessory for your crochet bag.

If fringe doesn’t capture your interest right now, you will love the stripes and tassels of the Summer Peach Purse. This crochet bag is not only the perfect bag to take on your summer adventures, with simple stitches, colorwork, and easy increases, it’s also a great crochet pattern to crochet on your summer trip. Four colorful tassels line each side of this crochet bag. Tassels are easy to make and fun to play with. Cut a piece of cardboard to just under the length of the tassels you want. Wrap your yarn around the cardboard multiple times. Slip a piece of yarn between the cardboard and yarn and tie your loops of yarn together. Remove the cardboard and wrap embroidery floss around the loops about ¾” from the top of the tassel. To create the tassel just cut the bottom of the loops to create the tassel. Beautiful!

Whatever your summer plans, you need to crochet one of these amazing crochet bags. Download Interweave Crochet Summer 2019 today and get these crochet bag patterns and many more great summer projects.

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