5 Reasons You Should Submit Designs to Interweave Crochet

Interweave Crochet just posted a submission call for Winter 2018, and we want to empower you to submit crochet designs!

5 Reasons You Should Submit Crochet Designs to Our Magazine

1. It will make it easier to follow patterns.

When I first learned to crochet, I had a hard time following a pattern. So ultimately, I just started making my own. Then I started writing my own. Now that I have written a fair number of patterns, it makes it a thousand times easier to follow others.

2. It will be good for your brain.

You’ve seen the research! Following knitting and crochet patterns has incredible health benefits and keeps your brain working, read Lisa’s List to learn more. Imagine the brain boost you’ll get when writing your own! Combining crochet math with design creativity will get those synapses firing.

3. You have an excuse to play with different yarns.

When you submit design ideas, we also ask you to submit a swatch in the yarn you would like to work your project in. This is your chance to play with all the pretty yarns in your stash. For more submission guidelines, click HERE.

4. Get a sneak peek into upcoming issues!

One of the coolest things about working at Interweave is seeing how our magazine progresses from initial submission call to final magazine. Take a look at our submission call Inspiration Board and keep an eye out for projects inspired by these themes come Winter 2018.

5. It opens up your crochet world to limitless possibilities.

Once you start designing, you won’t be able to stop. The ability to crochet anything is an incredible super power!

Submissions are due March 13, 2017.

Find the description of our themes for Winter below and get inspired!

—Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

We’re looking for sophisticated and cozy projects you can wrap up in this winter!

Think of all the crochet goodies you need to pamper yourself for a winter evening at home with your stitching. Use big soft wools or fantastic cashmeres to create indulgent projects you can use to pamper yourself while you’re in the bathtub, cuddled around the fire, or cozied up in bed.

THE LOOK Cozy and comfy; delicate lace meets big and soft.

PROJECTS Bath mats, bathroom organizers, candle/plant holders, cozy rugs, afghans, pillows, floor pillows/poofs, slippers, socks, bathrobes, slip dresses, pajamas, things that make you feel cozy.

Venture into the woods with Little Red Riding Hood. Get inspired by the classic fairy tale and think up projects inspired by the forest, Little Red Riding Hood, the woodcutter, and grandma’s cabin in the woods.

THE LOOK Lumberjack meets Little Red Riding Hood.

PROJECTS Men’s sweaters, capes, projects with hoods, wolf- and foxinspired projects, plaid, trendy grandma sweaters, and cabin décor.

Explore the different ways you can use crochet ribbing to make crochet garments and accessories. Push the limits with shaping, ribbing moving in contrasting directions, and using ribbing in unexpected places.

THE LOOK High fashion, high style, on trend.

PROJECTS Fashion-forward sweaters, jackets, and a range of accessories. We’re looking for projects for all skill levels, from the very basic to the very advanced, that explore this technique. There’s potential for technique/ tutorial articles to accompany projects.

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