A Strong Left Hook: Crochet Skills Do Evolve

crochet beginnerI’m fortunate to have worked on a number of different projects here at Interweave. I have done everything from making a Christmas tree out of pom-poms to stuffing goodie bags full of wool wash and fiber for Yarn Fest.

A little while ago, I was asked to crochet a few pieces for the cover photography of one of our videos, 5 Easy Crochet Edgings with Mary Beth Temple. This project reminded me of just how far my crochet skills have come since learning how to make a chain with the ladies at the Senior Center in Tallahassee, Florida. I was excited that my skills had developed enough to easily create five different crochet edgings you can use for almost any project.

Looking back on the projects I made in the beginning of my crochet journey is both funny and embarrassing. That crochet beginneryarn—what was I thinking?? That hat—it’s ugly and huge! I’ve found the best time to take a look at my old projects is when I’m frustrated with a new project or technique. It provides the perspective and humor I need to remember where I started and the motivation to keep on going.

If you’re a beginner now, don’t stop or be discouraged. There are countless crochet projects out there that are useful, beautiful, and accessible to beginners. Give one a try; you might impress yourself. If something doesn’t work out quite the way you planned it’s okay to be disappointed, but don’t throw it away. Keep that piece in a safe place so you can look back later on your progress. As crochet designer Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby says, “Give yourself the easy win first,” then take on your next challenge.

There are so many resources available at Interweave that will help you become a better and more confident crocheter. Check out a book, read an article, or take an online course to help you take the next step.


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