Striped Mug Cozy


There’s not much of a pattern to write, because everything depends on the form of your mug – definitely not a beginner’s project, could barely cope with it myself, but the colors do make up for other shortcomings (literally).

So these are just some basic guidelines!!

The Pattern

The idea is: making a foundation chain for the bottom circumference, and then doing sc’s (or dc’s, or trebles) round after round – but you must do increases in nearly every row or just occasionally, depending on how your mug is shaped. Constant fitting is crucial. 
Also, after the foundation chain, in the second row, you must leave an approximately 2 to 4-ch space (free for the handle) and turn in every round so as to avoid that space. 
At the end, you may crochet a border all round the thing, add a button and some chains to the other side to secure it. Again, length depends on how tight you want your buttoned-up cozy to be.

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