Straighten Out Your Colorwork with Modern Tapestry Crochet!

In the lovely introduction of Modern Tapestry Crochet, Alessandra Haydn describes how she has always been drawn to bright, vibrant colors and admires the colors and patterns associated with Fair Isle knitting. She’s comfortable with the basics of knitting, but never hit the same rhythm with it that she has with crochet. Tapestry crochet allows her to create intricately colored pieces reminiscent of Fair Isle designs, while still working with a single hook.

One of the things I found fascinating about tapestry crochet is that it can prevent “floats,” or strands of yarn that stretch across the wrong side of your work as you switch back and forth between colors. By hiding the floats within the stitches, you create pieces that look good on both the right and wrong sides, and that are less likely to catch and snag. Sarah Dudek, associate editor of Love of Crochet and longtime fan of the tapestry crochet technique, has found Alessandra’s approach to tapestry crochet incredibly helpful.

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I love tapestry crochet. It’s a technique that I spent a long time learning how to do; it definitely didn’t come easily for me. But once I got it down, I couldn’t stop. My most successful projects were all worked in the round with basic single crochet. However, it always bothered me that my stitches didn’t completely line up. I would make beautiful patterns and that always had a slight slant to them because of the nature of crochet stitches. Alessandra’s technique of working right side only rows with stitches worked through the back loop only solved all my problems. I just can’t wait to try all the projects in this book.

tapestry crochet

One point that Alessandra stresses in order to get the best out of your time and the yarn. She suggests working with medium-weight yarns since this type of crochet requires you to always crochet over at least one thread of yarn, she finds bulkier yarns tend to result in a fabric that is too thick and stiff. And if the yarn is too fine, the design doesn’t show as well as she’d like.

Have you taken a gander at tapestry crochet? What do you love about it? If you haven’t, join me in tackling this wonderful technique.


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