Stories of Crochet for Solace

Why do you crochet? I love listening to other crocheter’s inspirational stories. Crochet has helped crafters cope with illness, loss of loved ones, disaster, or the daily small stresses we all need relief from. When I finish a long day at work, or when I need a break from the world, I pick up my crochet hook and just focus on the feel of the yarn through my fingers and the calming stitches.


Bright Blooms Afghan by Lisa Naskrent

In the spring issue of Interweave Crochet, Kathryn Vercillo spoke with Kathie Helm about how crochet has helped her through difficult times in her life—including Superstorm Sandy. Check out this excerpt.

Crocheting for Solace

Kathie Helm is a crochet lover based in New York City who learned the craft from her great-grandmother. Crochet has seen her through some tough times, including her parents’ battles with cancer and living through Superstorm Sandy. Mostly, though, she crochets every day because it’s an easy way to stay relaxed and do something she really loves to do, and a way she can give things to others. . . .


Swerve Tee by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby

When I asked Kathie what brought her back to crochet, she said, “I find crochet soothing. When I am stressed or worked up about something, crochet helps me calm down and relax. The repetitive motion of the stitching is relaxing, and the concentration required for crochet helps focus me and redirect my thoughts.”

Life has so many little stresses, such as work, family, children, grandchildren, money . . . “It can all be so wonderful and so stressful at the same time,” she said. Crochet helps her stay calm and peaceful so that she can let go of the stresses and enjoy what is wonderful. She added that having her husband’s support for her crafting boosts how much it helps her.

Crochet did help Kathie cope during Superstorm Sandy. Because she lives in New York City, she and her family were right in the heart of the storm. “I crocheted a granny stripe blanket that week,” she said. “It kept my mind occupied during those terrible days on Staten Island. I named that blanket my Sandy Blanket. It’s on my bed, so every night when I go to bed and every morning when I wake up, I can look at that blanket and remember how lucky my family and I were that week. We did not lose anything, we did not get flooded, and we were safe. Many of our friends and acquaintances were not as fortunate.”


Water Lily Shawl by Lisa Naskrent

Whether she’s crocheting to get through a storm, to donate to a cause, to make a gift for a baby, or just because, Kathie celebrates the craft.

—Kathryn Vercillo

Whether you find relaxation in motif afghans, delicate crochet lace, or cozy garments, you will find patterns and stories to inspire and strengthen you in Interweave Crochet Spring 2016.

Order or download your copy of Interweave Crochet Spring 2016 today, pick up your hook, breath, and relax.

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