Stitchcraft TV Show to Air on Sunday

First there was Knitty Gritty. But where's the teevee love for crocheters?

Then there were promises of Uncommon Threads, a general crafty show featuring crochet in at least several episodes. Some of us were even flown to California to tape some. But a dearth of information makes me fear perhaps it was but a dream.

Well, at last there is some good news for crocheters who hanker for some relevant and immediate television content: Stitchcraft is debuting its pilot episode on the Oxygen Network** this coming Sunday, 5 March at 3pm ET.

The show is hosted by the eminent Lily Chin, and will feature Knit.1 editor Adina Klein. Now, here's the thing. It looks like the pilot is entirely about knitting. But I've been told the show will also feature crochet. Really. Lily's a crocheter, remember.

** I don't get this network. I'm not even sure if any Canadian gets this network. So if you watch it, let me know what you think.

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