Stepping Out of My Crochet Gift Comfort Zone

Have you started your holiday count-down calendar yet? I have a complete list of what I want to crochet for friends and family, but time is moving quickly, and I may need to readjust it a little. Perhaps I will branch out from crochet and try a few new techniques as well.

Olympic Metals Necklace by Chloe Chatenever  

I just received my copy of DIY Holiday, and this issue has fabulous and easy projects for a wide variety of crafts, from crochet to sewing and from jewelry making to knitting. My sister would love the Olympic Metals Necklace. I can make that in an afternoon! Or maybe I'll whip up the Envelope Clutch. The sewing for this project looks easy, and my best friend would love it. Sometimes it's fun to step away from my crochet comfort zone.

  Holiday Lights Garland by Linda Permann

But there are great, and quick, crochet projects in this issue as well. I definitely need the Holiday Lights Garland. And with the time I've saved with the necklace and clutch, I might just have time to finish the garland for this year's decorations.

A good crochet friend of mine has almost finished the woven Holiday Flower Lights. They are beautiful and simple and would make great decorations year-round. I think they would make a fabulous gift for a teenager or college student as well.

And if you are looking for more quick and easy crochet fabulousness, we are including a unique crochet snowflake pattern and the beautiful Crystalline Earrings pattern. I definitely need a pair of these lacy earrings, but they would also make great last-minute gifts.

Holiday Flower Lights by Jane Patrick  

Discover a new craft, create amazing quick crochet projects, and quickly create all of your holiday gifts this year with the new DIY Holiday and Crochet Snowflake Pattern Bundle. Order your copy today!

  Crystalline Earrings by Natasha Robarge

Best wishes,

P.S. Besides crochet, what other techniques are you planning to use for you holiday gifts?


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