Step Into Crochet with Rohn Strong

When asked if they have ever crocheted socks, most crocheters will tell you that they are very difficult to size and fit. For this reason, crochet socks can seem daunting and remain unmade projects. But never fear! Rohn Strong, the valiant author of Step Into Crochet, listened to the woes of his fellow crocheters and penned an incredible book full of tips and how-tos borrowed from knitted sock techniques, years of knowledge, and a love for sock creation.

Rohn literally wrote the book on crochet socks. He couldn’t find what he needed to make a good pair of crochet socks in one easy-to-find place. So he got creative. He experimented; he read; he crocheted. The result of all that work is a book that explains specifically how to create socks that are perfect for your feet. Measurements of each part of the foot are key, allowing you to adjust as necessary. Charts and measurement suggestions make sizing easy while explanations of hook sizes and yarn options help you choose the best creative tools for your ideal pair of socks. I followed his instructions for my tiny, bony feet, and voila! Perfect fit! Usually, store bought socks are baggy around the ankle and I was able to remedy that with Rohn’s know-how. Thanks, Rohn!

step into crochet

From cuff-down lacy socks to toe-up socks with cables, Rohn shows you how to experiment with favorite techniques that don’t get in the way of wearability. Avoiding thick texture work on the instep will prevent any discomfort while wearing shoes. Instead, add texture on the ankle and leg like in the Hillsborough Socks. Or, use a single slip stitch in the striped Lake Lynn Socks to hide awkward color changes. If you’re working lace, try a stretchy stitch like the linked half double crochet to stop the lace from cutting into your skin. Rohn loves the linked half double crochet and plays with it a lot throughout the book. It’s a versatile stitch that can be used on insteps, in gussets, for cuffs, and more!

Have you ever tried to crochet socks? Let me know in the comments below.

Love a converted sock-crocheter,


Step Into Crochet!

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  1. Katy W at 3:17 pm May 18, 2017

    My name on Crochetville and Ravelry is Sockmad. I love crocheting socks and have a well loved toe up pattern with an afterthought heel. It was from an old Basic Crochet book that got lost in one of my moves,I miss that book,but luckily I did not lose my pattern as I had made a copy to take with me to knit/crochet group. The only thing that I do differently in the pattern is that I don’t nip in at the ankle,I suffer from cankles so I just keep going. 🙂

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