Stashbusting Gifts You Can Crochet in an Hour or Two

Some of you have wisely been crocheting gifts all year long, so right about now, you're sewing buttons on the sweater that is your final present.

For the rest of us, time is clicking away on holiday crochet. I've rounded up some speedy gifts that you can whip up before Thanksgiving.

There's a baby on the list

Simply Bibs
by Lisa Naskrent

Babies just can't have enough bibs. This bib, which buttons on and sports a happy design, is a great stashbuster. Just pull out your washable yarn and play around with different color combinations. The pattern includes another design with lollipops and 1-2-3 on it. Or embroider baby's name on it!

What can I make for a tween?

Flores by Katie Himmelberg

This headband is both playful and sophisticated, making it just right for tweens teetering between childhood and adulthood. Another great stashbuster, this headband can be worked in plain or novelty yarns, depending on her style. And it will be just right on those days when her hair is stupid and she wants to dye it orange and purple. 

What about my oh-so-fashionable big sister?

Hemp Flowers Necklace
by Norah Gaughan

Worked in hemp yarn, this stylish necklace will set off the neckline of your sister's latest scoop-neck (of course, she doesn't wear turtlenecks). Work it in her favorite color or mix in a medley of colors. You can make a coordinating one for yourself (wouldn't she love that!).


I need a bunch of presents in a hurry!

Crochet Slippers by Doris Chan

Another terrific stashbuster, these slippers can be worked in color combos to suit uncles, aunts, moms, dads and children. You could crochet a pair for everyone in the family. On cold winter nights, they'll be thanking you!


I've got one skein of really great yarn

Orchard Mitts by Chelsea Norquay

These mitts are just right to show off a yummy hand-painted yarn. They can be layered with mittens on really cold days, and they're perfect for chilly offices. And, yes, they work up really quickly.

What kind of crazy are you?

Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick

After crocheting presents for everyone, you deserve to crochet something for yourself. Give the pattern to your significant yarn-buying other, and ask for the yarn as your gift. After the holidays, you can settle in to crochet this delicious colorfest.

You'll find more great patterns for quick gifts in the pattern store. And, for just two days, every pattern in the store is 20% off. Pick the perfect pattern for those on your list, and soon you'll have a pile of holiday gifts all done!





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