Stashbuster Crochet: A Quick Crochet Project Idea

You know those inevitable little yarn-ball leftovers from all your crochet projects that are not-quite-enough size for anything substantial to be made? Well, I've got enough to fill two giant plastic bins in my already space-constrained little craft studio (really, just an overstuffed corner of my bedroom) at home.

A little sprinkling of my yarn bits and my yarn bits mascot, Owlivia from Interweave Crochet Summer 2011

 This week I realized it was time to do something about them. Around the same time I came across a seemingly unrelated quandary. Everywhere I look on-line I've been seeing fabulously stylish women (far more stylish than I could ever hope to be, really, but that's neither here nor there and it never stops me from trying) sporting a perfectly bohemian style of stacked bangles paired with their spring outfits. Yet no matter where I looked, I couldn't seem to find bangles in the same vein; they were either too little girl-ish or far too bling-y for my tastes. I looked at the sad, tired stacks of bangles that sat abandoned atop my jewelry boxes, all tarnished or no longer to my liking. I looked back at the yarn. I looked back at the bangles. Eureeka! I should crochet WITH THE YARN BITS over the OLD TIRED BANGLES! Thus, my multi-colored ten minute crochet bangle project was born.

My tri-color bangle





I humbly offer you my *very simple* little tutorial. It's great for the yarn bits, you can practice crocheting over ends (check out Sarah's recent tutorial here) and changing colors. This project is so simple you can change it or add to it in a multitude of ways. I'm thinking beads, all tonal colors, or a second round of single crochet in a different color? And if you don't happen to have old tired bangles, rings, earrings, etc. you can just pop out to a thrift shop or the dollar store and get some cheap ones. Spend an afternoon in the sunshine, with your kids, your significant other, your dog and/or cat and end up with a whole armful. Cheers!







Begin by making a slipknot around the bangle. Single crochet around the bangle until the color is as you would like.
To change colors, insert hook into bangle, yarn over and pull up a loop with the old color, yarn over and draw a loop through with the new color to complete the single crochet.  To save time weaving in ends, crochet over the yarn tail from the new color. Change colors as many times as you like in this same manner. Push the single crochets together snugly, or leave them more spread out; whatever feels happiest to you. Slip st in the first stitch of the round to join. Fasten off.


If you have been crocheting over your yarn ends, you should be left with just three little stragglers. Weave them in and you're all done! Make a bunch to stack on your wrist, or give them away as gifts or favors at a Spring/Summer frolic.


Happy Stitching!



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