Stash-Busting Scarves

Marsha of Texas writes in with this great stash-busting idea. Here's Marsha:

One way I've found to destash is to sort all of my little leftovers by colors that go together–complementary, analagous, anything that looks good together. I don't worry about size of yarn or style–all together. Then I put them in bags. I make skinny scarves using all colors and styles. I may have to change the hook/needle to keep it the right width, but I just keep going. Usually I repeat the yarn 2-3 times throughout the scarf. I put them together–knit and crochet–practice stitches. I usually leave ends dangling–really a rustic look. Add some fringe–on the sides, at the ends, buttons, all type of fun trims. Everyone loves them.
Here are two–I think I may have knit more on the skinnies, the wider is crochet–I haven't added buttons, bead or fringe–I may, but I may not–just not sure yet.

What are some of your favorite stash-busting ideas? We'd love to know! We have a lot of yarn looking to be crocheted in the new year!



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