Stash Bust Like a Pro

Busting a stash is kind of a big deal here at Interweave. All of us are proud nurturers of ever-growing yarn collections that challenge our conception of shelf space and our conception of available time. That said, stash busting is a special skill that is special because it is not just one skill – it is an amalgamation of skills. You need to get creative with all of the yarn in your collection that you’re just not quite sure how to handle. Luckily, we at Interweave are stash busting all the time, creating something with the old to make room for the new wonders of the yarn world.

From all over the Interweave craft world I have gathered tips and tricks for a good time and a thorough stash bust. Let’s check ‘em out!

1)   A list for stash busting.

Dana Bincer, associate editor of Love of Crochet, made a list of ideas for blasting through a stash crochet style. Find small projects that don’t use a lot of yarn like amigurumi or mandalas. I don’t want to give the entire list away, but it’s safe to say that a crocheter with a monster stash will find a way to happily, thriftily reduce.

2)   Get Creative with Yarn Leftovers

Turning to patterns is such a handy way to stash blast. But you can also take a page out of Assistant Editor for Knitting Sarah Rothberg’s book and create your own handy projects. Join mastermind Sarah and contributor Sara Dudek, associate editor for Interweave Crochet, for their Yarn Leftover series. They show you how swatches can be transformed into wondrous household items, scrape yarn can become jewelry, and more!

3)   Work Yarn Hacking Magic

Our Yarn Hack team has an awesome stash busting video on how to spruce up your home with your beloved yarn. Use wrapped yarn to create tons of flair in your home!

4)   Spruce Up Your Walls

Sara Dudek thought up some beautiful options for wall hangings using the ever-versatile mandala that will make your home even cozier. Or, you can check out our DIY Crochet Mandala Wall Hanging Kit that will help you blaze through your yarn leftovers and design a wall hanging with a color scheme that is just right for you!

stash bust

5)   Weave and Spin Your Way Through Your Yarn Stash

Elisabeth Prose, assistant editor of Spin Off and PieceWork has a few suggestions for spinners with impressively huge fiber stashes. These three tips are awesome, especially number one! I can get behind that! Or you can include weaving into a knitting project like Andrea Lotz, social media manager, and find uses for yarn that had you stumped!

6)   Turn to trusty patterns!

If you’re in the mood to follow a pattern, like I often am, you can always turn to a trusty one like the Stashbuster Hats Knitting Pattern or the many projects in DIY Woven Art that help you take advantage of your stash.

7)   Practice! Practice! Practice!

If you’re like me, you can find use for yarn leftovers by using it to help you practice and conquer new techniques before you try them on a full hank. It’ll save you ripping out something precious!

Happy stash busting!


Time to Stash Bust!


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