Starting the Ruth Collar: Forward Loop Picots


The Ruth Collar by Sue Perez, featured in the Fall 2014 issue of Interweave Crochet, is is a delightful melange of quirky crochet: Almost every row includes an uncommon technique or little-known stitch. Sue Perez wrote up this tutorial on the Forward Loop Picots.

More decorative than standard chain stitches and easier to work into on the following row, Forward Loop Picots form a dainty edging and foundation in one.

Each Forward Loop Picot consists of a forward loop chain with a single crochet worked in its back bar. To make a Forward Loop Picot, follow these steps:


  Make forward loop chain: *Cast on a Forward Loop. 
  Yarn over, and pull through both loops on hook (forward loop chain complete). The arrow indicates the back bar, where you will insert your hook for the next step. 
  Insert hook under back bar of forward loop chain. 
  Yarn over and pull up a loop (keep a gentle tension here, as you will be stitching into this loop on the next row). 
  Yarn over and draw through both loops on hook (Forward Loop Picot complete). 
  Repeat from * to desired length. Rotate work to right, but do not turn. Notice that the back bar spaces have enlarged, forming "holes" between the scs. The scs are tipped sideways, and the side of each sc has become the new top of the stitch. Row 2 will be worked into both the back bar spaces ("holes") and the new front loops of the scs, as indicated by the arrows. 

Try using Forward Loop Picots as a foundation for other lightweight projects, including trims or lacy cowls. Experiment with various textures by adding extra cast-on loops, or changing the sc to a taller stitch, such as an hdc or a dc.

Your practice chains would make wonderful bracelets!


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