Starting Bead Crochet Ropes

Several times I have tried my hand at bead crochet rope projects. I love the luxurious sparkle created by spirals of beads joined together with single crochet stitches worked in thread. These beautiful jewelry pieces are actually seen quite frequently in beading publications and projects. Jennifer VanBenschoten, editor for Beading Daily, is our resident bead rope expert. In her blog she shares two ways to start a bead crochet rope. I think I will have to pull my beads and thread out again and try both methods.— Toni

Making bead crochet ropes was one of those things that I struggled with mightily until I had one of those "a-ha!" moments. Lucky for me, my mom was an expert knit and crochet artist, and even though she lived 2,000 miles away she talked me through a lot of bead crochet problems over the phone. Then earlier this year I rediscovered how much fun bead crochet ropes are to make, especially when accented by a fabulous handmade ceramic slide like the ones I got from Marsha Hedrick of Amazing Porcelain Fantasies!

While I was experimenting with different kinds of bead crochet ropes, I found two ways to start your ropes: either with a set of beads that are slipped stitch into the initial ring, or with a plain ring made of single crochet that has the beads added starting in the second round.

Visit Jennifer's blog to find instructions and photographs of both methods.




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