Start National Craft Month with a Giveaway

March is a doubly festive month for crocheters. This month we celebrate both National Craft Month as well as National Crochet Month. This is the perfect month to revisit your New Year's craft resolutions or make a new one.

Try a new luxury fiber this month. There are still a few I haven't had the opportunity to play with, and at the top of my list is musk ox. I have run the soft fibers through my fingers, but haven't applied my hook as yet. I have had the opportunity to play with silk, alpaca, and cashmere. The yarns are amazing and perfect for accessories. Silk and cashmere feel fabulous against your face and wrists, and alpaca has a gorgeous drape and sheen.

Or jump into an easy wash gift or a big project with a fabulous and affordable yarn. There are some amazing yarns out there that are easy to care for and perfect for larger projects like sweaters and blankets.

Maybe this is a great month to try a new technique such as crochet, or even dare I say knitting, colorwork, or try dying your own yarn for a unique yarn color. Use some of your new yarn to explore a new pattern or crochet technique.

Then join me in organizing your craft room and work in progress projects. There are lots of fabulous craft bags, cabinets, hook cases, and other organizing tools out there. You will find more time for crochet and will be able to access your tools and yarn with more ease.

What better way to begin then by receiving your start in our National Craft Month Giveaway. Enter today and you could receive one of ten fabulous prizes. Winners will be chosen on March 10, 2014.

Enter today!

While you are waiting, check out more amazing products from our National Craft Month Giveaway sponsors!

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Musk Ox Farm

The Musk Ox Farm sells luxurious, gently hand-combed 100% qiviut yarns. Click to enter to win a skein of yarn. helps you make every day a craft day! Take control of your space with our modular furniture that solves your hobby/craft storage challenges! Free shipping!


Skacel Collection, Inc.

Simplinatural is HiKoo's newest must-have luxury fiber, and combines wool, alpaca and silk. Try this beautifully rounded 6-ply today!


Classic Elite Yarns

Sign up for the CEY newsletter to receive free patterns every week, like this stunning shawl crocheted out of Silky Alpaca Lace.

  Red Heart Reflective Yarn reflects light, aiding in nighttime visibility and lights up when you take a flash photo. See for yourself!    Chicken Boots Organize your needles and hooks, store your yarn and carry projects in beautiful accessories thoughtfully designed and constructed in the U.S.

Yarn Pop/Top Shelf Totes

Yarn Pop products are Unique, Contemporary & Bold. Our "Double" makes multi strand knitting more organized while on-the-go.


della Q

Innovative crochet storage by della Q. Broad selection. Compact designs. Functionality with elegance. Bags and hook cases for every crocheter.


Imperial Yarn

Tracie Too sport weight yarn creates a soft light weight fabric perfect for year round wear.





Click here to view our Shetland & Highland yarn in 64 amazing colors! 100% Pure Virgin Wool all spun here in Harrisville, NH.


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