Starry Night head band


This is the VERY first thing I have ever posted and made without much of a pattern…with that said,

I was inspired by Kat Von D’s head band in one episode of L.A. Ink.  I Had to have a similar design, so I whipped out my crochet hook and looked up some patterns for stars and away I went

Special thanks to for the star patterns.

Materials List

White yarn or various textures (fuzzy, 4 ply, etc)

Red thread/yarn (or any colour you want, I used red)

Black or navy blue yarn (for the head band)

5.5mm or I crochet hook (this is what I used, feel free to use any hook)

1.75mm crochet hook (this is what i had on hand, use any hook you want, but make sure its smaller then the original)

yarn needle/threading needle

some extra pins – optional


Finished Size

Everyone’s head is different.  My noodle is rather large so you have to make the bands fit to your head, just add about 3 inches extra for tying.


When crochetting the chain for the head band, chain enough to fit your head, then chain about 3 – 4 inches more for tying.

Also when crochetting your 2 small stars of a different colour, switch to the smaller crochet hook to make them. 


Ch. = Chain

Sl st = slip stitch

Sc = single crochet

Hdc = Half double crochet

Dc = Double crochet

Trc – Triple crochet

The Pattern


Large: (Make 3 in different white yarn with diffferent textures)

Ch 4 and Sl st to 1 sc to form circle.
Round 1: Ch 1. 10 Sc into circle. Sl st to beginning ch.
Round 2: Ch 1 2 Sc into each st. 20 Sc total. Sl st to beginning ch.
Round 3: Star ARM: Ch 6. In 2nd ch from hook, 1 Sc. Hdc in next ch. Dc into next 2 chs; Trc into last Ch.  Skip 3 st in circle and Sl st in next.  Repeat ARM 4 more times.  Sl st into base of 1st ARM. End off.

Small: (Make about 7, 5 in different textures of White yarn, 2 in Colour of choice in the smaller crochet hook, mine was red) 

Ch 4. Sl st in 1st st to form a ring.  
Star Arm: Ch 3. Sc in 2nd ch from hook.  Hdc in last ch. Sl st into ring.
Repeat 4 more times. End off.

when you make the 2 stars of the colour of your choice, leave a long tail before finishing.  This will help with the assembling.

Headband: (Make 3 separate chains) This is made for my head.  Increase or decrease the amount of chains to fit your head (my noodle is huge!)

Ch. 80, fasten off, make 2 more ropes, make sure that the original chain fits your head, then add about 15-20 more chains so you can tie the headband around.  (I told ya I have a big head!)


1) Take one of the small coloured stars and sew it in the centre of one of the large stars.  Repeat with last small star.  You should have 2 large stars with coloured centres and one plain large star.

2) Place the 3 ropes beside each other, length-wise with an inch in-between. 

3) Arrange the stars on the ropes to your liking (this my take a while to get it perfect).  Make sure that there are about 3 inches on each side of the rope left alone. ( you might want to pin the stars on the rope so you don’t loose your placement of stars)

4) Sew the stars on the ropes where the rope meets the star.

5) Once your stars are assembled and sewn on, knot together the remaining free rope twice, once near the stars and once near the bottom.

6) Tie the head band around your head and adjust until it fits perfectly.

7) Enjoy your starry night head band ! 

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