spunky hat




this hat is very fun. if your a fast crocheter it will be a breeze. i have a big head. so if its big at the end you can decrease some stiches to customize  your hat. i am a young crocheter so it might be something teens would wear. 😀

Materials List


  • a k/101/2-6.50 hook
  • i have lost the string paper that comes with the skien.
  • i used a rainbow and black string together.
  • a pom-pom maker
  • a tapstry needle

Finished Size

its  for big heads.


umm im not good with measuring 😛


2 strands  of yarn held together.

a single crochet

a treple crochet



The Pattern

rnd 1: chain 3, join, make 10 sc in circle, join

rnd 2: make 2 sc in each stich around,jon.

rnd 3:  sc in each stich around, join

rnd 4: 2 sc in each stich around, join.

rnd 5: sc in first 4 stiches, 2 sc in stich, repeat, join.

rnd 6:  treple crochet in each stich, join.

rnd 7-9: sc in each stich

rnd 10: treple crochet in each stich, join

rnd 11-15: sc in each stich, join

rnd 16: treple crochet i each stich

cut off with tapstry needle grab tail and hide it into the hat. put pom pom on top.

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