Sprouts Shawlette Is a Wrap!

A little ways back, I told you all that I had run into a little problem finishing up my latest Sprout Chains Shawlette from Crochet So Fine by Kristin Omdahl. Thanks for all your suggestions for solving this problem!

In the end, I decided to forgo the enchanting flower border altogether. I had wanted to incorporate beads into the flowers. What I decided to do instead is just attach beads to the final row.

But my Galactic Blue Studio Silk was too chubby to fit through the wee hole on the the pink-purple Swarovski bicones. What to do?

Here's what I did, and you can do it too: I went out and found some pearl cotton (DMC Coton Perle size 8) in a color as close to Galactic Blue as I could find. First, I strung the beads onto the thread. (You can do this with a beading needle or apply a little Fray-Check to the end of the thread, twist & let dry—this will happen fast—then use the now-pointy end as a needle.) Then I held the silk together with the thread to crochet the final row of chains. Midway across each curve of chains, I slid a bead down the thread, worked a chain stitch, then finished the curve of chains.Voila! Beaded crochet!

Here's the shawl blocking:

Looks like the Stealth fighter jet, doesn't it?

And here it is, blocked, basking in the azaleas:

Here's a close-up of the beads:

and another, because I just can't get enough of them;

I love how the bead matches the azaleas.

Best of all? I finished adding the beads while taping the crochet segments for Knitting Daily TV Series 700—with Kristin Omdahl her own self! So I was able to show Kristin the finished piece. She loved the added beads and was jazzed about the thread technique.

Love to see how you've made your shawlette your own!



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