Spring Issue Status Update, And More

I've been getting emails inquiring about the spring issue, so I figured I'd post an update here for everyone's benefit.

Kids, the spring issue is coming. It's sustainable! Recycled! And, in light of lots of other stuff I've seen around the webs recently, this sustainable, recycled theme is trendy.

Here's what's up with the issue: This morning I deemed it officially the first (and, thankfully, the only) issue to be hijacked by day jobs. Both Chloe and I have recently started new jobs, and Julie has had a full plate of professional tech editing. I didn't anticipate how much this would set me back, and I certainly hadn't anticipated the health crises I alluded to a few weeks ago (I have quite literally spent six weeks catching up from two weeks of crisis). I've been in a constant state of mostly-brain-fried for the last several weeks. I apologize for this. I know it's spring and you're sick of the winter issue. I assure you we're working on it, and it should go up early next week. Enjoy your long weekend, and check back often come Tuesday or Wednesday.

Now, for the “and more” part: I've also been receiving inquiries about submitting patterns to future issues. As the submissions page states, Crochet Me will be undergoing (and is, in fact, undergoing behind the scenes even now; say hi to Emma Jane) a total overhaul and revamp, which will ultimately lead to a relaunch of the site in June. All of the 3+ years of fabulous magazine content will remain for your enjoyment, and moving forward the site will focus much more on YOU. You, the crocheter; you, the designer; you, the creative explorer. It'll be all the meaningless buzz words, but it will actually deliver: Web 2.0, social networking, user generated content, interactive, personalized.

Whereas currently your involvement with this site is limited (did you notice it's limited? I've noticed) to submitting patterns, leaving comments, and discussing things off-site on your own blogs or other forums (since, you know, our forum went kablooey), Crochet Me 3.2 (as I've decided to call it) will be so, so much more. You'll be able to post your own patterns right away, clickety-split, and have them look amazing; there will be info right there to help you with sizing, formatting, and generally writing patterns. You'll have the option to grow as a designer by having your patterns edited and/or critiqued. If you're interested in editing and/or critiquing, you'll have an opportunity to do just that. And, of course, if you're not a designer or you have no desire to edit or critique, you'll have a constant stream of new free patterns to peruse (peruse if you're a designer, too). You'll be able to share tips and tricks and learn from other crocheters just like you. You'll have your own, personal profile page where you can show yourself off, link to your blog, your Flickr site, your Etsy store, or anywhere else, and otherwise connect with fun peeps. We'll have a working forum (finally). We'll have many more features, too.

How will it be different from the Crochet Me you now know and love? Well, there won't be a wait for new patterns (ahem); new content will constantly be posted to the site. You'll have a ton more opportunities to connect with other crocheters who share your interests, live near you, or otherwise strike you as cool people. As a designer, you'll have new, solid resources to help you get the word out about your work, you'll be able to connect with other designers to learn and grow, and you'll have a huge opportunity for feedback. The forum will work. The site will have a new design that's easier to navigate and still pleasing to look at. The quality of editing of the patterns will depend on your input and involvement (i.e., there won't be the same top-down editorial oversight there is now, but rather a community-oriented supah-dupah webified put-your-skillz-where-your-mouth-is structure). To sum up, enough of this old skool top-down editorial control; HELLO, a return to grass-roots awesomeness.

How will it be the same? It'll still be free. The new Crochet Me will have the same commitment to pushing crochet as far as it will go, to encouraging you to push yourself and to explore your creativity, and to exploiting online technology to the hilt. This site might have been started by lil ol' me, but it grew because of grass roots commitment and fervor; because of collective passion and enthusiasm; and because of a freak of a lot of creative contributions from you. All of the patterns and articles from the last few years will continue to be available for free, forever. I'll still be running the site, and the amazing women who have helped to make Crochet Me what it is now will continue to be involved, including you, I hope. We'll remain committed to technical quality even though the technical oversight will be changing dramatically; this goes hand-in-hand with our continued commitment to arm crocheters with as much knowledge and technique as you want to learn and acquire.

And that, dear crocheters, is the update. If you have friends you think might be interested, please pass this info along. Subscribe to our feed so you can be alerted to new info as soon as it's posted here on the blog; subscribe to our email newsletter for the same reason. Got questions? Please post them here in the comments so I can answer them publicly. Know at the outset, though, that there's still a ton of work to be done, so I might not know the answers yet. Thank you in advance for your patience!

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