Spring and Summer 2006 Submissions

Crochet me needs YOU! Please submit patterns and articles!

Looking ahead to warm weather trends, crochet is still showing up in flirty, lacy layers. Looks to think about wrt fashion: sexy, feminine, flirty, minimalist, empire waists, feather-and-fan/chevrons, embellishments, clean silhouettes… 

Spring 2006

Think flirty, feminine garments and accessories both to enhance enjoyment of the new season and to help ward off any remaining chill. Also, amigurumi!

Please send in (submit /at/ crochetme.com) your ideas and a sketch by Feb. 14th. I'll need final patterns and photos by March 1st.

Summer 2006

Warm and hot weather garments and accessories; clever and fabulous toys and activities to keep kids, teens, and adults busy and happy; garden party fun; beach adventures…

Please send in your ideas and a sketch by March 3rd; final patterns and photos will be due May 5th.

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