Spooky Cute Crochet Amigurumi

Spooky Crochet amigurumi

Monster Mark

Halloween is just around the corner! Over the last several years I have crocheted accessories for my costume. But this year, I plan on creating fun creatures and decorations to get myself in a properly creepy frame of mind. But I’ve never been one of those people who enjoy being scared; I avoid haunted houses and have never watched a horror movie. I like my creepy to be cute.


Spook1Bride of Mark

In fact, I want to be best friends with crochet designer Brenda K. B. Anderson. She is the queen of combining cute and creepy. In her book Beastly Crochet she said, “I realized that if I made a whole book of fuzzy ducklings, puppies, and babies I would probably die of cuteness overload, so I opted to steer clear of the mainstream. Instead, I set my sights on a world of evil robots, angry plants, and fanged bunnies. (They need hugs, too!)”

That’s what I need in my house—creepy-cute amigurumi that try to scare you but really just need a hug. Maybe I’ll start with Monster Mark and his fashionable bride. These two would be perfect on my mantel. And you can’t blame me if I take them down once in a while to play with.

This marienette crochet puppet is perfect for Halloween.

A Zombie Named Skip

And speaking of crochet Halloween amigurumi you can play with, I really need A Zombie Named Skip! He is a marionette puppet with a toothy grin and arms outstretched. Do you supposed he is looking for a hug or just wants to eat your brains?

This crochet puppet is adorable and perfect for scaring away monsters.

Gerald the Troll Puppet

If you prefer a stringless puppet, Gerald the Troll Puppet is a smashing success. This big scary troll would love to be your mouthpiece. He’ll say all those things you wish you could but can’t because you aren’t a troll, and he’ll protect you after a late night of watching scary movies.


Hubert and Cletus

Finally, if you are looking for the perfect hiding place for your own Halloween candy stash, Hubert and Cletus have your back. These felted monsters are also perfectly willing to eat your keys, coins, jewelry, or other small items. Never lose your keys or rings again and let Hubert and Cletus add a frightfully cute statement to your Halloween décor.

Which creepy-cute crochet amigurumi will you make first? Download The Crochet Amigurumi Pattern Collection from Beastly Crochet today and add some spooky fun to your home!

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P.S. Do you decorate for Halloween? Let us know in the comments what crochet pieces you have made for Halloween.


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