split drop stitch scarf


Kaett von M.


this scarf was done using one strand of blue rainbow boucle from joann fabrics, and one strand black TLC amore. the long front post double crochets are done by splitting the yarn in your fingers… the black makes the long front post double, the blue makes a normal double in the stitch behind it. this means the pattern ends up on the right side of the scarf, but the wrong side stays solid with no holes to speak of.

the back side of the scarf will look like this: Photobucket

if you look closely, you can see very faint indications of how the back sides of the split lfpdc stitches are just blue instead of blue and black combined.

Materials List

  • approximately 1/2 skein of the joann rainbow boucle in blue
  • approximately 1 skein of TLC amore in black.
    • obviously these amounts would change based on the length you choose to make your scarf.
  • 5 mm (size H/8) hook

Finished Size

8″ wide, 8 feet long.


ummm… yeah. it’s a scarf. do whatever works.

The Pattern

this scarf is made holding 2 strands of yarn throughout, unless otherwise noted.

SPECIAL STITCH: split long front post double crochet (lfpdc).
at stitch indicated, separate the two strands of yarn in your fingers. i found that wrapping one strand around my index finger and one around my middle finger worked well. using black, YO, insert hook around dc 2 rows below, YO, pull up loops, YO and pull through first 2 loops on hook. using blue, YO, insert hook in dc below, YO and pull through 2 loops on hook (you should now have 2 black loops and 2 blue loops on the hook). combine yarns again, YO and pull through remaining loops on hook to establish as 1 stitch.

chain 28.

row 1: in 3rd chain from hook, work dc and in each ch across. 25 dc.

row 2: ch 3, turn. dc in each dc across.

row 3: ch 3, turn. work dc in first 4 dc, *work split lfpdc, dc in next 4 dc*. this will establish the right side of the work.

row 4: ch 3, turn. dc in each dc across.

row 5: ch 3, turn. dc in first 2 dc, *work split lfpdc, dc in next 4 dc*, dc in last 2 dc.

row 6: ch 3, turn. dc in each dc across.

repeat rows 3-6 until scarf reaches desired length.

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