Some Day They’ll Get it Right

An open letter.

Dear Journalists,

If you are interested in writing about the ever-growing popularity of needlearts, please do a tiny bit of homework so that you have a handle on each craft and how it's different from the others. Specifically, KNITTING and CROCHET are not the same thing. They're both fun, they're both fashionable, and they're both exploding in popularity. But when you write about them as if they're the same thing, all the people reading your work won't have a clue as to which class to sign up for and which books to buy. If you need a hand navigating this world of yarn and hooks and needles, call me.

Kim Werker

Crochet me Magazine

This article is the latest offense. It's well-written, but GOSH, crochet and knitting just aren't interchangeable.

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